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90-94 Farringdon Road

Telephone: 0203 490 6228

Monday-Thursday: 9am-7pm
Friday: 9am-8pm
Saturday: 9am-6pm
Sunday: 10am-4.30pm

At The Quality Chop House restaurant we use the best produce we can find in Britain: meat sourced whole-carcass from smalls farms and butchered on-site; dishes made with the best the season had to offer. The shop and cafe is an extension of this vision. 

Our food shop sells chef cooked dishes that feature on the restaurant menu along with sourdough breads, Hedone pastries, cakes, sweet treats, pork & family pies, considerately sourced cheeses, charcuterie, fruit & veg and other daily staples. We also stock a broad range of wines and beers, and a selection of some of our favourite cookbooks.

Our cafe is open for breakfast and lunch every day.

We hope to see you soon. 

Our Meat

We work directly with a handful of farms, small-scale producers in Yorkshire, Galloway, Suffolk, Hereford and Leicestershire.  We butcher animals on-site, and then age them appropriately in our cold room.

This full-carcass approach allows lots of flexibility in terms of cuts. Our butchers love to chat about old and new cuts, and to share ideas about what to do with them. If you want a specific cut please ask, and chances are we can cut or have it ready for your next visit.

Aged for at least 28 days.  Pasture-raised. Breeds vary but are all beef breeds with no dairy crosses.  Diet and rearing are vital for the impact they have on flavour. Veal is rose from dairy breeds, Ayrshire and dairy Short Horn.  We occasionally have beef over 30-months old. 

All outdoor-raised, and aged for 1 week. 

All free-range rare breeds and cross-breeds.

Proper free-range breeds, hardy enough to have roamed for 75 days. Dry-plucked and game-hung for 1 week.

Shop & Cafe

Our shop offers a selection of the dishes that we serve in the restaurant for you to enjoy at home, including family pies, terrines, mince on dripping toast and confit potatoes. We have day-to-day provisions such as bread, cheese, milk, eggs, beautiful seasonal fruit and veg, and a range of wines and beers.

We have a daily changing range of soups, salads, stews, sourdough sandwiches, and hearty hot roast meat sandwiches, pork pies and sausage rolls for you to take home or to eat in our cafe. 

The cafe is open for breakfast and lunch, and we have newspapers and second hand cookbooks for you to read while you're here. Our pastry chef always has a bounty of cakes, tarts, brownies, biscuits and chocolates freshly baked for you to enjoy with an Allpress filter coffee. We also stock some of our favourite food and wine books for you to take home.

We are happy to make anything to order with 72-hours notice.

Gift Vouchers

We sell vouchers that can be redeemed in the restaurant, butcher or shop.  We also sell butchery class vouchers.  They make a wonderful and unique gift.

Click here to buy a voucher 



Monday 9th - Beef

Monday 20th– Pork

Monday 3rd– Lamb
Monday 17th– Skills

Monday 1st – Beef
Monday 15th– Pork
Monday 29nd– Skills

Monday 12th– Lamb
Monday 19th– Beef
Monday 26th– Skills

Monday 3rd– Pork
Monday 10th- Beef



We run 2 types of class: 1) classes designed to give you an in-depth understanding of one animal; and 2) classes that will teach you a range of practical skills with different animals. Both types of class end with a convivial sharing-style meal in our next door restaurant. 

Uniquely our classes are led by chef-butchers. They’ll teach you the art of butchery, share their detailed knowledge of different cuts, and share their secrets on how best to prepare and cook them.

Class size: up to 8 pupils
Class start time: 6.30pm
Class duration: 2 hours (followed by a meal)
Cost: £165

Learn the art of butchery and meat preparation for one particular animal, and then enjoy our exceptional quality meat at a meal cooked by our chefs.

You’ll be greeted by a whole lamb, a whole pig, or a side of beef (depending on your choice of class) along with a welcome drink and snack.

In the first half of the class, you’ll learn about different breeds, the species you're working with, how different rearing methods influence character and flavour, and how to assess quality when buying meat.  Our butchers will show you where each cut sits in the animal, and demonstrate how the animal is broken down into its primal cuts. The second half of the class is more hands-on, and you’ll get stuck into cutting, de-boning, and tying to prepare the different cuts.

The class ends with a convivial sharing-style meal in our next door restaurant, based around the meat that you have worked on.  As a parting gift you'll be given a selection of cuts to take home.

Learn a range of butchery and meat preparation techniques for different animals, to improve your skills as a home cook.  Then enjoy our exceptional quality meat at a meal cooked by our chefs.

You’ll be greeted with a welcome drink, snack, and a short introduction to butchery, breeds, and how to assess quality when buying meat.

You’ll then jump straight into a hands-on and highly practical class.  We’ll teach you how to: sharpen a knife; joint a chicken; stuff and roll chicken legs; prepare a stock; French-trim a rack of lamb; and how to bone, roll, stuff and tie a show-stopping Porchetta. You’ll take home the cuts that you’ve worked on, along with guidance and recipes on how to cook them at home.

The class ends with a convivial sharing-style meal in our next door restaurant,



Our cancellation terms for all classes are 2 weeks in advance of the class date for a full refund, and 1 week's notice for date changes. 

Private bucthery,  sourdough bread making, and wine tasting classes available on request, for private parties, trade professionals and corporate events. Please email for enquiries.


We have a range of hampers which make ideal presents for your favourite foodie. Just ask and we can make these up to your desired specification and budget.

To place an order please either pop in to the shop or email the team at


We are located on Farringdon Road just around the corner from Exmouth Market.

Our nearest tube is Farringdon, which is 5–10 minute walk up Farringdon Road towards Kings Cross.

For a map of how to get to us from Farringdon station please click here 

Alternatively, Chancery Lane and Kings Cross are both a 10–15 minute walk away.

The easiest way to reach us from central London may well be by bus. The 19 and 38 both stop off around the corner on Exmouth Market and the 63 goes past our front door.

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