La Pasta di Sabatino Fusilli


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Organic artisanal pasta produced with 100% Khorasan Saragolla durum wheat semolina grown in Sassoferrato on the Sabatino family farm. The pasta is bronze drawn and dried slowly at low temperature.

The pasta is naturally rough and porous to allow the pasta to absorb as much seasoning and sauce as possible.



Khorasan Saragolla durum wheat semolina, water

About the Producer
Bruno Vitaletti and Dino Paoletti make their pasta from Saragolla Khorasan, an ancient variety of wheat found in small areas of southern and central Italy but virtually abandoned since the arrival of more productive hybrids.

The wheat is stone ground to keep in all the essential oils so the colour of their pasta is a lovely, speckled gold, the flavour rich and nutty. Their annual production of just 8000kgs. Saragolla Khorasan is very low in gluten and is delicious, and a whole lot more healthy than industrial pasta.

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La Pasta di Sabatino Fusilli