The "QW Classics" Pack 5

The "QW Classics" Pack 5

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The Bottles

Eric Bordelet, Sydre Brut 2017

One of our all-time faves! A crisp, leaner style of French sidre that's cleansing and crisp. Perfect hot weather drinking.

Dom. Berthier, L'intruse Chardonnay, Sancerre 2019

A  real oddity. Chardonnay grapes from a small parcel in the centre of Sancerre (a town famous worldwide for it's Sauvignon Blanc) . This is planted on the same chalky soils and has a lovely crisp mineral character.

Antonio Camillo, Vermentino Toscana 2018

Always the under-rated second fiddle to more famous grapes from this region Vermentino give lovely fresh citrus and orchard fruit notes alongside green herbs and granite minerality.

Moulin Camus, Loire Gamay 2019

The same lifted red fruit notes as wines made further south in Beaujolais but, with a touch more ripeness. This has become a lockdown favourite amongst shop regulars.


Continental Platter, Pot a Cab Sav, Margaret River 2019

A partnership between local importer Caves des Pyrenee and Puncheon Wines of Australia with winemaker Patrick Sullivan at the helm. This is classic Margaret River cab with green pepper and dark chocolate notes.


Chateau Tour Des Gendres, Le Classique Bergerac 2017

If you're looking for great value around the Bordeaux region, you can't go wrong with Bergerac to the south-east. This cuvee is a roughly even blend of Merlot and Malbec resulting in a rich, dark-fruited and full-bodied red with power and polish.